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Media: Oil on Wood Panel
Detail shots below artwork

Shapes  by Tom Mallon, 16 x 24 inches, Oil on Wood Panel
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  • Upper Left Corner
    Top left of flower arrangement with edge of table and wall
  • Top Left Detail
    Close-up of upper left flower arrangement
  • Detail of Spider Mums
    Yellow spider chrysanthemum with white and violet daisies
  • Detail of Spider Chrysanthemum
    Close up of arangement showing yellow mum and violet daisies
  • Daisy Cluster
    Small white daisies and larger red daisy
  • Stems and Branches
    Close-up detail of stem network of daisies
  • Large Red Daisy
    Left side of painting is dominated by the oversized red daisy
  • Detail of Large Daisy
    Close-up of large red with table beneath and wall to left
  • Right Side of Bouquet
    Right chrysanthemum with penny to the upper right
  • Broken Stem
    Dying flower with broken stem
  • Carrots and Squash
    White red-striped towel with loose carrots and a squash
  • Detail of Vegetables
    Close-up of carrots and squash on towel
  • Sclafani Can
    Crushed tomato can on towel next to carrot
  • Detail of Carrot
    Close-up of carrot with shadow and reflection on table top
  • Can Reflection
    Detail of table with can relfection and shadows
  • Table Edge and Chair Seat
    Detail of varnished and painted wood going in opposite directions
  • Broken Stem
    Vegetables and brokent stem
  • Detail of Flower on Broken Stem
    Close-up of brushwork for differnet textures
  • Upper Right of Panel
    Right side of bouquet and iron teapot
  • Iron Teapot
    Detaal of iron teapot with lone penny to the far left
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Sidetable by Tom Mallon 14 x 21 inches (Large)