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Media: Oil on Canvas
Detail shots below artwork

Acrylic on Canvas: "Bagels and Pomegranate" - 16" x 20"
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  • Canvas Top Right
    Upper rigth portion of vase and background
  • Canvas Top Left
    Top left portion of vase with background
  • Vase - Detail Upper Left
    Detail of top left portion of vase
  • Vase - Detail Upper Right
    Close up of upper right portion of vase against background
  • Vase - Top
    Close up of brushwork around top of vase
  • Vase - Bottom
    Close-up of brushwork at base of vase
  • Pepper
    Pepper on shelf to the left of vase
  • Pepper - Detail Left
    Detail of pepper near shelf edge
  • Pepper - Detail Right
    Close up of right side of pepper with stem and shelf knob
  • Pepper Stem
    Detail of pepper with stem with bottom left of vase in background
  • Converging Point
    Detail of where vase and pepper converge with background shelf edge
  • Vase Bottom Right
    Detail of vase, partial pepper stem and shelf top
  • Shelf Edge
    Shelf with bottom right of vase and stem of pepper
  • Detail - Shelf Edge
    Detail of edge of shelf, shadows and knob
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Sidetable by Tom Mallon 14 x 21 inches (Large)