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Media: Oil on Wood Panel
Detail shots below artwork

Man with Bent Knee by Tom Mallon, Oil on Wood Panel, 24.25 by 36 inches
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  • Full Side View
    Close-up of right side of male figure with right arm bracing right leg and left forearm gripping head.
  • Side View Detail
    Close-up of torso and arms.
  • Hips and Flank
    Detail of right buttocks, flank, scapula and arm.
  • Buttocks and Waist
    Close-up of brushwork development of waste to hip and leg.
  • Waist
    Detail of skin folds about waist and stomach.
  • Waist Detail
    Brushwork development of upper thigh and waist folds.
  • Thigh in Shadow
    Detail of right thigh, right arm and triceps in raking light.
  • Scapula and Back Muscles
    Raking light providing clarity of muscles beneah the scapula.
  • Back Muscles Detail
    Detail of dimple intersection of latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior muscles at the crest of the scapula.
  • Right Forearm and Ankle
    Detail of model's right arm as int extends down the right ankle towards the foot.
  • Ankle
    Detail of ankle on right foot.
  • Shoulder and Hand
    Close-up of model's shoulder and left hand as it embraces the neck and head.
  • Upper Righ Arm with Left Forearm
    Detail of model's left forearm, darkened with hair, in contrast to the smooth skin of upper right arm.
  • Hand on Head and Neck
    Detail of hand resting against shoulder as it embraces the model's head and neck.
  • Hand
    Close-up of model's left hand, resting on head and neck.
  • Right Buttocks with Left Leg
    Left leg appearing mostly in shadow with foot and ankle in raking light.
  • Ankle and Foot
    Detail of model's left leg in raking light.
  • Knee
    Detail of knee on left leg in shadow.
  • Foot
    Model's left foot in raking light.
  • Detail of Foot Folds
    Close-up of brushwork buildup on model's left foot.
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Enlargement of Nubes de Sangre Man with Bent Knee by Tom Malon, Oil on Canvas _ 24.25 x 36 inches