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Media: Oil on Wood Panel
Detail shots below artwork

Seated Male Nude by Tom Mallon, Oil on Wood Panel, 48 x 24 inches
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  • Portrait
    Model's head rested upon hand
  • Portrait Detail
    Close up of head with hand
  • Detail of Eye and Ear
    Brushwork around the face with hair and beard with close up of ear and eye
  • Eye Detail
    Brushwork around the eye and forehead
  • Right Shoulder
    Uper left porth of body with right arm over chair
  • Deltoid Detail
    Detail of deltoid with shadow of fingers
  • Table with Arm Rested
    Right side of canvas with arm rested on table with collapsed table wing
  • Torso
    Shoulder to groin with shadow of arm and hand
  • Chest
    Close up of chest in and out of light
  • Pectoral with Nipple
    Detail of chest with pectoral muscle and arm over chair
  • Abdomen
    Detail of abdomen above groin
  • Right Center Canvas
    Models left leg rested on chair rung while leaning against table
  • Thigh and Calf
    Detail of model's left leg resting on table with foot partially hidden while resting on chair rung
  • Knee: Medial Exposure
    Close-up of model's left knee and inner thigh
  • Knee to Foot
    Frontal view of model's lower righrt leg
  • Right Foot
    Model's right foot rested on chair
  • Foot Detail
    Detail of brushwork on model's right foot and background
  • Right Ankle
    Detail of brushwork on model's right ankle
  • Rested Foot Detail
    Close-up of right foot with extended toes resting on chair
  • Toes Detail
    Close-up of brushwork on toes and chair
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