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Media: Oil on Wood Panel
Detail shots below artwork

Cloud Streams by Tom Mallon, Oil on Wood Panel - 13 x 18 inches
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  • Upper Left of Canvas
    Close-up dusk light orange cumulus clouds as they pass in front of larger white cumulus clouds.
  • Cumulus Clouds
    Different streams of cumulus clouds with grey cloud stings
  • Puffy Cumulus
    Upper center of the canvas depicts a large white cumulus cloud in the background
  • Wisp of Cumulus Cloud
    Large cumulus to the far upper left of canvas has wisps of string clouds blown from its mass
  • Upper Right Canvas
    Cumulus clouds to the upper right of canvas with traces of grey string cloud stream passing below and in foreground
  • Cumulus Detail
    Upper center right of canvas and large cumulus cloud
  • Cumulus Strings
    Upper far right edge of canvas depicts the trailing wisps of the larger cumulus cloud formation in the background
  • Grey Clouds
    Wisps of grey clouds as they pass in front of the dusk lit golden cumulus clouds
  • Grey Clouds Wrapping
    Grey wisps of clouds as they wrap and mix with cumulus clouds
  • Detail Wrapping
    Close-up of the grey clouds as they appear to mingle with the larger cumulus clouds
  • Grey Clouds Detail
    More grey cloud details
  • Moving Grey Cloud
    Detail of grey cloud as it passes in front of cumulus cloud that has some grey cloud fingers mingle within its mass
  • Cumulus Ridge
    Golden cumulus cloud passing in front of larger whiter one in the rear. Large light colored brush stroke is of the rear cloud
  • Center Bottom
    Large grey cloud in front of of golden cumulus cloud as they pass over landscape of gas station and strip mall
  • Bottom Left of Canvas
    Golden cumulus clouds as the pass over and above mountain and landscape
  • Clouds of Landscape
    Grey and gold clouds as they pass over landscape
  • Center Right Canvas
    Cumulus trails above and behind the strands of grey clouds
  • Far Right Landscape
    Bottom right corner of the canvas with a mixture of clouds passing over buildings
  • Detail Bottom Right Corner
    Close-up of brush work of sky and landscape
  • Left Bottom Corner
    Detail of landscape with mountain ridges and golden cumulus clouds overhead
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