Betrothal of Hera

Media: Charcoal and Chalk on Kraft Paper
Detail shots below artwork

Tom Mallon: Betrothal of Hera - Charcoal and Chalk on Kraft Paper
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  • Betrothal of Hera - The Embrace
    The consenting embrace of Hera as she agrees to become the wife of Zeus
  • Betrothal of Hera - Hera's Torso
    Detail of Hera's torso with Zeus's arms wrapped about
  • Betrothal of Hera - Crouched Uranus
    Uranus crouched supporting Hera with Kronos to the right shown supporting Zeus
  • Betrothal of Hera - Hera's Legs
    Hera's Legs next to crouched Kronos as she stands upon the back of Uranus
  • Betrothal of Hera - Legs of Titans
    Legs of Kronos in background with buttocks of Uranus in foreground
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